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Confession of a pet bird lover

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in Pet Bird Care | Comments Off on Confession of a pet bird lover

Confession of a pet bird lover

As an animal lover, I always wanted to have a pet. When I was a kid I wanted to have a dog so badly, but my parents didn’t allow me to have it. They claimed back then how I wouldn’t pay too much attention and how they would take him out and clean after it. They might be right, after all, I was ten back then, and my concentration was not at the right place. If they listened to me back then, I maybe wouldn’t focus on some other animals, like pet birds. Since I was a little bit annoying, they decided to give me for my birthday a parrot. It wasn’t a dog, but I was happy, because, even then, my love for animals was enormous. I would have been happy even if they had bought me a turtle or a hamster, but I was glad that I had a new companion. I named him Polly, and I thought that he would be my best friend forever. I also thought that parrot-in-cage-horiz_npnhjzI would teach him to speak, but I was wrong. It wasn’t that kind of parrot, and I must be honest, it did not seem to enjoy the life in my room. One day (this will sound odd but it’s true) my window was open, and Polly succeeded to open his door of the cage, which was half-broken and ran from me. I was devastated, and I thought that I would never have pet animal again. Not until a few years ago.

And some point I thought again about having some pet animal. I was living on my own; I moved from my parents, and I wanted to show them that I could take care of someone, even though they probably forgot that they forbade me having a dog. They were good parents, and I wasn’t so grateful child because I always changed my mind about something. You could say that I was a spoiled child. So I was glad about proving them wrong. But, for some reason, I wanted to make amends toward the parrot I had. I wanted to see why Polly ran from me, and I wanted to learn more about pet birds. So at some point, I got my new pet parrot. Frankly, I did not know how to name it, so I was more uncreative than when I was ten years old, and I named him Polly 2. And it is still alive, and he is still part of mu family. I learned so much about it. For example, I learned that it wasn’t my fault that original Polly ran away because parrots are, in their nature, wild animals and not the domestic. But with the right attitude and after they realize that you are giving them food and home, they start loving you. I also learned that they can be loud. You all probably know that, but I didn’t expect that they would be screaming so frequently and in some occasions when you need peace and quiet. Having a pet parrot can also be messy, and they can bite you from time to time, but after a while, you start to love them, and you cannot hold grudges against them.

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