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2011 Nesting Season Report

Congratulations to our wonderful volunteers who monitored bluebird boxes for the 2011 nesting season! It was our 12th season of monitoring the nest boxes and reporting the results.

Below are the final numbers for the 2011 bluebird trail that has been submitted to Cornell Lab of Ornithology's NestWatch program.

The total number of boxes reported in 2011 is 79, one of the most ever reported; however, the total numbers of fledged birds from the boxes was not as high as other years. Remember that we had quite a bit of egg and chick mortality as a result of 2 different cold storm systems that came through Tehachapi on May 14-17 and 28-30.

NEWS FLASH! Mountain Chickadees successfully nested in 2 nest boxes in Bear Valley backyards this season. Exciting stuff!!

Editor note: 2 of the Mountain Chickadee fledglings were partial albinos.

If you are interested in being a monitor next year, or want to monitor a box in your yard, please contact me! It's fun!

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